Tuesday, March 17, 2020

COVID-19 has been ruling the world from the past few months. Right now, things are getting into the unruly mode. People's life is going haywire as we are struggling big time to stop the contamination. As cities are eventually going into lockdown, panic is full-on. Everybody is pretty much in self- quarantine zone in their homes. Minds are acting crazy; many are fighting for things where others are fighting for their lives. Basic necessities are selling out in a jiffy, Masks are gone, Hand Sanitizers are vanished. People are accumulating many things in piles without thinking about the others.

Do we need to hoard the essentials insanely?

The answer is NO. We don’t need to hoard things like crazy. We need to plan well and stock up the essentials so that life can go on in this crucial moment.
If anyone is reading this Blog Post, please share with others that we all need to calm ourselves down. Everybody needs to go on with their lives but with extreme caution. So, the basic necessities should be available to everyone.

I am sharing a few ideas below, which I have been following during this period. I am also providing a list of food items that I have been stocking up as per the availability and my eating habit. 
Hope this will help you to decide on the list of things you need carefully and pragmatically.

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Remember to buy:

Food items:

Stock up the non-perishable food items. Lentils, dry fruits, biscuits, tea, sugar, salt, oil, rice, flours, milk tetra packets, canned foods will come really handy, They can last for months without going wasted. You can also buy a bunch of chocolates and energy bars as they come handy in times of emergency.


Basic medicines are always mandatory to keep at home. Medicines for normal fever, cold, cough, stomach upsets, nausea, digestive reliefs, etc., are essential to keep at bay. Regular paracetamol tablet also doubles up as a pain reliever. You can keep antiseptic liquid, band-aids, cotton rolls, and bandages in your first aid kit. If you are under daily medication for any specific disease, remember to stock for that too.
Please follow the proper regulations and directives in case you have symptoms similar to COVID-19. Do not hide your symptoms. In case of any doubt, immediately call your nearest health care for COVID-19 and self quarantine yourself. 

Hygiene Essentials:

Bathing soap, shampoos, daily used creams, etc. are some things that are always present in our bathroom. But it is time to keep some disinfectant liquid at your disposal. Household cleaners, antiseptic liquids, hand washes, sanitizers, antiseptic soaps, toilet paper rolls, sanitary napkins, diapers for babies are some essential items to buy.
If you can’t find sanitizers in the market, do not panic. You can make your own hand sanitizer at home with two things only. 

How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home:

You can use Isopropyl Alcohol/ Rubbing alcohol and Aloe Vera gel to make your own hand sanitizer
Fill a bottle with at least 60% of alcohol and rest with Aloe Vera gel, and you are good to go.
These two things are enough to use as a sanitizer. But you can also add few drops of Vitamin E Oil to increase the shelf life. Along with that, a few drops of tea tree essential oil or lemon oil can also be added to make it smell good.

Remember, you are gonna need a sanitizing agent only when soap and water are not available near you. 

Your daily life will not stop despite this emergency situation. So, make proper use of your time if you are feeling physically fit.

  • Exercise daily
  • Meditate and stay stress-free as much as you can
  • Sleep well
  • Watch your favorite show and Relax your mind
  • Be strong both physically and emotionally
  • Stay Hydrated and Eat healthy to boost your immunity
  • Do not gather in a group anywhere even if it is your own residential area
  • Stay indoors and engage your kids in various creative activities at home
  • Protect yourself and protect others.
  • Do not panic but please take necessary precautions.
  • If you feel sick, call the nearest health care facilities who will take proper care of you and your family.


I am neither an expert nor a medical adviser. This post has been made based on my experiences on life in an attempt to help others.

Take care of yourselves, everyone.
Things will get better soon, definitely.

Cheers to that!!!
Happy living…

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