Thursday, February 27, 2020

Around 5 years back, I have written a post about the famous hairbrush called Tangle Teezer. When it got introduced in the market, minds were blown, and many hair worries had gone in the wind. It was and still is an excellent hairbrush.
Until very recently, I haven't looked at any other hairbrush except my trusty Tangle Teezer. I have fine, flat, very oily hair. It is prone to breakage naturally. Suddenly, for the past few months, I have been facing some issues which haven’t been existed before. I've developed extra sensitive scalp, which hurts if my hair gets pulled off a little. I have a terrible habit of combing my hair when it is wet. And for that reason, I face extra hair fall. I’ve switched shampoos, hair oils. Nothing has changed. And finally, it came to me what if I needed to use something else for my wet hair. After detailed research as always, I've found one hairbrush, which is just ideal for all my hair woes. This hairbrush is called Wet Brush- it is the best for fine hair, sensitive scalp, and extremely tangled wet hair.

I have written a detailed post about the Tangle Teezer. Head over here to take a look.
As we are discussing the Wet Brush for the first time, first let’s look at the Key Features of Wet Brush:
  • This promises to give pain-free detangling for wet hair
  • The bristles are finer than other hair brushes
  • This brush effortlessly glides through the hair without any tugging or tangling 
Both Tangle Teezer and Wet Brush are designed to use either on wet or dry hair.  But after using them for a dedicated amount of time, I’ve come across a few points that make both the brushes unique yet different in their own stands. Let’s find out what they are.

Tangle Teezer vs. Wet Brush

1. Tangle Teezer is fabulous when you are combing your dry hair. Its two-tiered teeth system technology, which is a combination of long & short bristles, helps to grip your hair very comfortably. Whereas Wet Brush is fantastic to use when you have wet hair, and you need to comb it right away (like me 😉). As your hair is prone to breakage more when it is wet, the soft Intelliflex ball-tipped bristles help a lot to glide through the hair smoothly without putting any stress on your manes.

2. If you have a sensitive scalp, then Wet brush is your friend for life. As my experience goes, the Intelliflex bristles of the Wet Brush are more soothing than Tangle Teezer. My Wet Brush is a paddle detangler. It has HeatFlex bristles. And it too is very comfortable for daily use. In my experience, people with sensitive scalp may feel a pulling sensation while using Tangle Teezer.

3. If you have thick hair or curly hair, I think Tangle Teezer is your thing. Its long-short combination of bristles is sustainable enough to hold and glide through your hair at the same time. The award-winning design features longer teeth for detangling while the shorter teeth do the smoothening of the hair cuticle. The hair would be shiny without any trace of any knot.
However, if you have fine, straight, tangled hair, the soft bristles of the Wet brush would be extremely comfortable for you. As this hair type is prone to breakage most of the time, the bristles are gonna be more helpful in controlling your hair.    

4. Tangle Teezer is really sleek in design. Therefore, some may find it extremely comfortable to hold while brushing. It fits right in your palm. But this brush is not suitable for blow-drying your hair.
Wet Brush comes with a traditional brush handle, which also provides a good grip. Whether you are using the regular hairbrush or the paddle brush, it is really great to use while blow-drying your hair. Wet Brush paddle Detangler comes with HeatFlex Bristles which are heat resistant. Its AquaVent design is made for an easy cleanup. It holds your hair just perfectly while you style your hair.

5. Tangle Teezer is the best hairbrush to use for on the go purpose. Because of its sleek design, it is very easy to carry on your handbag than the traditional shape of Wet Brush.

After using both the brushes, my vote goes for the Wet Brush as it suits my hair type just perfectly. It’s also a great tool for brushing through conditioning treatments and hair masks.
I hope you can decide better according to your hair types after going through this post.

Let me know what’s your take.

Happy Living…                                         

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