Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Strawberry… this pretty looking, delicious smelling fruit has some magical power. Most of us girls get attracted automatically to any skincare related to strawberry, I guess 😉. I am no exception to this charm. I love to try skin care products that have strawberry essence or extract or fragrance in them.
And that’s how I have found this beautiful lip butter from The Body Shop. I also wanted to try a lip butter for a change to see the effect.
To start with, I am blessed with good looking lips 😉, but they are not blessed with moisture. They do feel like another form of the desert if they are not appropriately moisturized. I have to apply lip balm every time I eat or drink something, or clean my mouth. Otherwise, they tend to develop cracks. In the winter months, they become their worst because of extreme dryness. Yeah… you can understand that the whole situation is not an ideal vision.
I love applying lipsticks, but I try to avoid them as much as possible as my lips become drier than usual. The lip balms I use are 100% natural and preservative-free. But still, the effect of the products on my lips seem to wash away early than expected. One fine day, I decided to buy this lip butter in a whim though most of the reviews available online were against it.
And I loved it.

The Body Shop Strawberry Lip butter

According to the brand,
Instantly hydrate and soften your lips with this fruity lip butter. Full of sweetly scented strawberry seed oil, it will keep you coming back for more.


  • Lip butter
  • Nourishes & softens lips
  • Gives lips a light, natural-looking sheen
  • Keeps your lip soft and smooth
  • Delicious fruity scent
  • Cold-pressed strawberry seed oil

Price: INR 250 for 10 ml.

What I like about the product:

  • Moisturizes the lips deeply
  • Heals the cracks, dryness
  • Provides a protection layer
  • Smells fantastic if you love the scent of strawberry
  • The texture of the product is buttery smooth
  • Glides smoothly on the lips
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on the lips, therefore comfortable enough to wear during the sleep
  • Perfect for hydrating and protecting your lips during your sleep
  • Perfect to wear under lipstick to keep them moisturized
  • Suitable for all seasons

What I dislike about the product:

  • It leaves a white cast behind.
  • For that, it is not comfortable to wear on its own if you are going out.
  • Would have been great if there's a tube packaging available (for hygiene purpose) 

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How to Take Care of your Lips:

Remember to scrub your lips once a week before you apply any lip product. If you already have dead skin cells piled on the lips, no lip balm or butter can help you fully. Just take half a teaspoon of Almond Oil and quarter teaspoon of brown sugar. Mix them and scrub your lips gently for 30 seconds. Do not over do. Rinse it with water and apply your favorite Lip balm or Lip butter. For other days, you can take a clean towel to scrub the lips when it is wet. And you are good to go.

As I searched for this product's ingredients list on The Body Shop UK website, I noticed that there's the latest version of this lip butter, which is entirely different in texture. I do hope they don't discontinue this version because it is just perfect for my lip's health. Do try it out while you can.
Also, let me know if you’ve found a good lip product for yourselves yet!

Happy living…

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