Wednesday, November 27, 2019

How do you define a scent? To me, it is such a powerful illusion because it can transform your mind in a jiff and elevate your body & soul to another transcendental level.
I am clearly, unconditionally obsessed with scents. Even, as a sweet memory, I have kept my very first high end perfume bottle with a little bit of liquid left in it. It was Dior's Hypnotic Poison. I adore the fragrance and the sentiments attached to that.
I like to buy perfumes very frequently. But I invest carefully. The impatient side of my mind gets bored with same fragrance very often. That's why I like to buy the travel sized version, and if it's not available, then I prefer to go for the smallest size, always.
In my closet, you’ll always find two high end fragrances for special occasions and two mid-range, budget-friendly perfume bottles, which I use alternately on a regular basis.
I have been loving Zara’s perfume ranges for years. They are budget-friendly and have various options to choose from. Some smell magnificent, whereas some are basic but decent. But to me, there is one flaw for which they couldn't come in the same league of other branded editions. The smell doesn’t stay for long. I don't know about all the perfumes from Zara, but what is available in India, I am talking about them. Till now, I have tried at least 10 varieties of them. Even if you spritz a reasonable amount, they tend to wash away after some time.
But… there's a change in action recently.
I guess the smell fairies have popped in to rescue the mission. Or finally, Zara is kind enough to bring their incredible range in the country. Whatever is the reason, I've found a fantastic Zara perfume which can give a neck to neck competition with any premium brand.

Let’s welcome…


Price: INR 1190 for 100 ML (3.4 FL. OZ).


Oriental Eau de Parfum. The scent reveals notes of magnolia, gardenia, and amber. It's a warm, sophisticated and opulent fragrance.

My Knowledge so far about Perfumes:

Though I am not the best person to let you know about all the fancy and chemical details of a perfume. But I can tell you this much that you must have a clear idea about perfume notes before going for its shopping. It is important to know what kinds of scents are appealing to you.
There are three notes of a perfume.
a) The Top Notes, also known as Opening notes or Head Notes
b)  The Middle Notes or the Heart Notes
and c) The Base Notes

Depending on the fragrances, these notes blend in together and create a phenomenal scent. Perfume is just like a surreal blend of musical instruments. It creates a sensation in your heart like the harmony of a symphony. With the help of these three notes, the fragrance becomes more alluring.
For general purpose, I am a fan of floral scents. And I like a little hint of musky scent too. That’s why this perfume has attracted me to itself on the first moment. This Zara Rose Gold Perfume is the perfect compilation of both the scents. It comes in a very elegant and classy looking glass bottle. The liquid has a beautiful rose gold-y hue in it which makes it prettier in appearance.

  • Smells just heavenly and divine
  • Will keep you refreshed throughout the day
  • The smell lingers in your skin and on your clothes for hours. (In fact, I can feel it on my clothes till the time it goes for wash)
  • Has a perfect combination of floral and musky warm tone
  • Can be used both in the day and evening time
  • This comes in a budget-friendly price, one 30 ml. bottle will go on for a long time
  • Doesn’t stain your clothes even if you spritz it directly on them
  • Goes well with both ethnic and western wear

  • Are you kidding, none at all! But a glass bottle is not ideal or convenient all the time to carry when you travel.

Give it a try the next time you are in Zara. If the store is not available near you, you can now order it online. But I would suggest you to take a sniff before you go for any perfume in your life. And always remember to patch test before applying anything new on your skin. It is never too much to be careful for yourself.

Happy Living…

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