Thursday, September 19, 2019

Have you ever noticed that  whenever most of us hear the term ‘Aloe Vera’we always pay some extra attention. 😁 Undoubtedly, Aloe has some magical benefits. But not all products based on Aloe Vera are excellent. In the market, there are hundreds of Aloe Vera gels. Some are heavily scented, some are tinted, some are the sources of all kinds of harmful chemicals.
What to do? Who to believe?
In the age of Social Media, sometimes, it is hard to trust someone. People or brands can be very misleading. In the name of serving ‘Natural’ products, what kinds of ingredients a particular brand is using, is impossible to tell. Most of the brands don't even provide the full ingredients list, which makes the whole thing shadier.
Anyway, my search for Natural Aloe Vera Gel is still on. And recently, I’ve come across a much-hyped product.
mamaearth Aloe Turmeric Gel

I have been using this Gel for the past 20 days. And I think it's time to share my experience regarding this much-promoted product. 

About the Brand:

mamaearth is an Indian Skin & Haircare brand who claim to produce Natural products. Their products are free of harmful toxins like Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicones, etc.

About the product:

mamaearth Aloe Turmeric Gel for Skin & Hair

Some key features of the product:


Key Ingredients list:

Aqua, Aloe Vera Extract, Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Turmeric Extract, Allantoin, Xanthan Gum, Vitamin E, Vitamin E, IFRA Certified Allergen Free Fragrance.


INR 249 for 150 ml. & INR 399 for 300 ml. 

My journey with Aloe Vera Gels:

This is the very first mamaearth product I've ever used. They have been in the market for quite some time now. We get to hear all the raves from most of the Influencers about their ‘natural’ products.
I didn't decide to buy the product because of the raving, to be frank. I do not trust anyone except my own self in the matter of Skin or Hair care. I genuinely keep my eye in the skin care industry in search of an Aloe Vera Gel which would be

a) natural
b) a trust worthy brand
c) chemical and preservative free

I love Forest essential’s Aloe Vera Gel, but they are just so overpriced. You can go ahead and read the review here. Among other gels available in the market, I have tried many, but everybody has failed terribly to match my expectation. You can read about the famous The Face Shop Aloe Gel here.
Surprisingly, the Soundarya Aloe Gel from Patanjali suits me, but every time I use it, the green color keeps me a little agitated. Is it really natural? I wonder. And there is no full ingredients list available too.
Anyway, after all the 'natural' saga, I have decided to give mamaearth Aloe Turmeric Gel a shot. 

My Experience:

I use Aloe Vera Gel every single day without fail. As I have certain eczema-prone areas on my body, it soothes the itchiness, calms down the redness, and inflammation big time.
I have been using this Aloe Turmeric Gel on my skin for the last 20 days. Texture-wise, they are an exact match to the Patanjali one. It is neither too runny nor very thick. It is very smooth in form. This makes the Gel easy to apply and glide into the skin. There is almost no fragrance except a faint hint. The smell is just like any medicated fragrance-free gel if you’ve used it ever. The gel is in the light yellow color. I guess it could come from the turmeric.

According to the brand, you can “Slather this gel from head to toe to moisturize skin & hair, to soothe sunburnt or shaved skin, and to soften dry or frizzy hair.”
One thing I am not at all happy about the brand is the fact that they have NOT provided the full ingredients list, only the key ingredients are mentioned. This is the first level on which one can trust a brand completely. I don’t understand why these brands don’t do that. I just hope they have not used any harmful chemicals or preservatives as they have claimed.
So far, it seems to be an 'ok' product. I am yet to try this on my hair. But my husband has used it on his hair to give it a little texture. And it works very nicely for that. I have thin eyebrows, and this Gel provides an excellent definition to my eyebrow without using any brow product.
It is a good gel, not a magical gel that once you start using this, all your skin problems will go out of the window. I don't think there is any magical skincare available in the market at any price. Some products do work wonders for our skin, and our skin definitely feels marvelous and magical. But to get healthy, glowing skin from within, you need to eat healthy, exercise, maintain a good lifestyle.  
I think I am gonna continue using this for some time. This Gel has Aloe Vera which soothes the irritated skin, calms down Acne and Turmeric which has excellent antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Together, they will come handy in protecting the Skin. 

Where to buy:

You can buy it directly from mamaearth website. I've got mine from there.
It is also available on Amazon India.
Let me know if you’ve known of any other awesome Aloe Vera Gels. I would love to try them.

Happy Living…

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