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Makeup is every girl's best friend. Some of us feel the best only by applying a little bb cream, eyeliner, and lipstick, and some love a full-on gorgeous look. 
Of course, to look your best, you need a healthy skin. And for that, it is mandatory that you follow proper skincare, good lifestyle, and a balanced diet. Everything is equally important. One cannot do without the others. However, who doesn’t want a little extra healthy glow on the face for a special occasion, right! That occasion could come once in a while or every single day, who cares! At the end of the day, whenever we look at ourselves in the mirror, we should always feel confident, and the best. 😊 That matters the most.
To do your base makeup, a foundation or a bb cream is a must. You can obviously use your fingers to blend the makeup and sometimes, the warmth of your fingers do help in blending the product. But for some products, to get a flawless, polished finish, a foundation brush or a beauty sponge works excellently. If you are a hardcore makeup lover, and of course, budget is not an issue, then go ahead and invest in a good foundation brush. Some of the world's best brands of Makeup Brushes are available in India, like Mac, Real techniques, Boby Brown, etc. They can be found both on the stores and online. But if you don’t fancy it, then a beauty sponge is the lifesaver. Even for that too, the famous ‘beauty blender’ is there to give you the best look. Then, it also is an expensive tool.
If you are like me who do not want to invest in ultra-expensive Makeup Brushes, then we are quite the same in that way. Nowadays, many dupes of ‘beauty blenders’ are out there. I have tried some. But to me, they don’t really stand a chance. Most of them are very hard, uncomfortable on the skin, and get worn out easily. Not only that, it is hard to blend the makeup and look natural. I keep my search radar on all the time. And that has led me to a makeup sponge which is pretty darn good I would say.
Okay, enough now. Before you kill me here or leave without reading this post, let’s start talking about it. Sorry…had to build up the foundationπŸ˜‰

Miniso Square and Oval Makeup Sponge

Miniso is a Japan-based designer brand. It was co-founded by Japanese designer Mr. Miyake Junya and a Chinese entrepreneur Mr. Ye Guofu in Tokyo, Japan. It is a variety store chain who sells all the cute little stuff in the world.
Anyway, since they are in the Indian market, I think in whichever cities it is available, most of us girls always find a chance to go to that store if not anywhere else.
My old makeup sponge did a decent job and left for the unknown universe around 4 months back. I needed a refill immediately. Surprisingly, I visited Miniso around that time and found these softies. I got the pack of sponges as it was super cheap and I was getting 10 sponges which would last for me a long time. Though, I didn't have any extraordinary expectation, but I was literally shocked by the results (in a good way πŸ˜›).
This is the softest Makeup Sponge I’ve ever used. There are five square and five oval sponges in a pack. I’ve taken out 2 sponges and using them alternatively. I like to wash a sponge after every single use. By doing this, my skin doesn’t face any infection (acne or pimples due to buildup make up). I have used each of the sponges 6 to 7 times as of now. After the 6th time, I could see a little bit of tear in one of them. I can't blame the sponge entirely because I was little harsh while cleaning the sponge one time. But it will still work for days, I know that though. The other one is completely decent. Given the price I've paid, this is a big Yaaaay!!!
These sponges are so soft in texture. They work very gently on the skin. I've tried them using a heavy coverage foundation, and they blend it like a dream. There are no harsh finish lines afterward. And the foundation sits on the skin so well without looking cakey. Not only that, I like to use my blush too using them. And that also works amazingly.

How to use it:

Though you know how to use a Makeup Sponge already, still I would like to repeat the drill. Just run the sponge under water for some seconds. Squeeze out the excess water. Use your base on the face by dotted marks. Dab the sponge on your face gently and even out the product. Et voila! You are blessed with a beautiful look.

How to clean them:

Do not use makeup removing scrub pad, or stuff like that. That can tear these sponges as they are extremely delicate.
I like to wash my brushes or sponges by using natural products. I take 1 tablespoon baby shampoo and one teaspoon Olive Oil. Mix them in a glass using some room temperature water. I soak the sponges for 15 minutes, and after that, I remove the excess make up  from the sponge very gently using my fingers. I wash it thoroughly under the water and dry them. Personally, I like to dry my brushes and stuff in the Sun to get rid of the wetness completely.


INR 190 for 10 sponges

What else you will get at this price! To me, it's an unbeatable price. These sponges are one of the best things in Miniso.
Next time whenever you are visiting the Miniso store, definitely try them once. You will love them surely.

Happy Living… 

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