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A few posts back, I've shared with you my share of experience about the best and safest Cookware. If you’ve read the previous post, then you already know, I prefer Stainless Steel and Cast-Iron cookware for my daily cooking. But if you haven’t read it yet, I would request you to read it first and come back to this one. The link is here.
Before I talk about some of the best Stainless-steel Cookware brands, first, let’s see how to choose the right Stainless-steel Cookware. Of course, all of you may be quite well-equipped already. But it is always handy to know a little more.
I am gonna spare the details of what Stainless-steel is. If you want to know, click here. In the local markets, you will get to see various Stainless-Steel Cookware, both by well-known brands and local manufacturers. The problems with most non-branded products are that most of the times, we really don’t have any ideas about their composition or their qualities. No one can tell surely what are the materials used, how much quantity is used. Apart from this, they are really lightweight, merely a few hundred grams, and not at all heavy duty. For Indian Cuisine, lightweight stainless steel is not much of a use. Why? Let’s find that out.

a) Most of the dishes in Indian cuisine require extreme heat
b) As lightweight steel cannot handle high heat, during cooking, the food gets stuck in the bottom. Therefore, it won’t be cooked properly.
c) Lightweight Stainless-steel Cookware is made with various other materials. The unknown substances can be reactive with excessive heat and can react badly with your cooked food. This can jeopardize our health. 

So, am I telling, all branded Stainless-Steel Cookware are suitable for cooking and for your health? Or all local made products are non-trustworthy?
Not necessarily.
So, what are the options? How do we choose the best Cookware?
Let’s talk about that.
Irrespective of branding, the first and foremost idea should be choosing the best composition for the Stainless-steel in your Cookware. It not only ensures better health; it also yields longer durability. So, whenever you are planning to buy Stainless-steel Cookware for cooking, you must invest in a quality product. In that case, you may have to invest a decent price in the beginning, but that is gonna last you for at least 5-10 years if you maintain them well. So, if you do the math properly, you’ll see that actually the price you are paying is serving you well.

What are the qualities to look for while buying Stainless Steel Cookware?

1. The Grade of Cookware:
Make sure you are investing in Cookware made with 18/10 or 18/8 stainless steel. The first number stands for Chromium and the second number stands for Nickel. Chromium protects from stains and rust while Nickel gives a high gloss finish. Try to go for those brands who make Tri-ply Cookware, i.e., they consist of three layers (the inner and the outer layer are steel, while the middle layer is Aluminum for even heat retention)

2. Stainless-steel with an Aluminum Core (middle layer):
Pure stainless steel does not maintain heat well; therefore, food can't be cooked properly. If the middle base is made with Aluminum in the pots and pans, it retains the heat evenly. Hence, the food doesn’t stick at the bottom.

3. The Weight of Cookware:
Make sure, all the Cookware has heavyweight. All heavy-duty pots and pans are amazingly sturdy, durable. If the Cookware is hefty, that typically indicates the materials used during the manufacturing are quality products, and also all the necessary elements are used generously. The heavy pans help to cook food well and hold the heat evenly. They also protect the pots from dents and hotspots. Whereas light weighted utensils are susceptible to dents, they are non-durable, and you’ll see black or brownish spot after cooking.

4. Buy Cookware with Handles and Lids:
If your pots and pans have handles and lids, that always come handy. Because good brands preferably use cool touch handles, that means you don't need to use an extra dry cloth to hold them while cooking. And all the lids are made in a way so that they are adjusted well with the shape of the particular pot or pan. If the lids sit well, the food will be cooked in less time using the accumulated heat and moisture inside the pots.

5. Plan Well before buying new Pots and Pans:
Before you plan to buy a new cookware, just go to your Kitchen, take a look around, and think what will be the purpose of the new Cookware. Various sizes of pots and pans are available in the market for different dishes. Plan accordingly.

I’ve got a Stainless-steel Wok, a Saucepan, a Casserole, and a frying pan in my Kitchen. The Wok and Saucepan are being used daily for cooking lentils, sabji (vegetables), and curry recipes. I use the Casserole mainly for cooking various Chicken recipes as it is big in size, and lastly the Frying Pan is amazing for sautéing veges and even making various Breakfast Recipes like Omelette, Upma, Poha, etc.

Is Stainless-steel Cookware Safe to use?

Many researchers claim that as Stainless-steel cookware is made from Chromium, Nickel, and other heavy metals, they are not that safe. Similarly, many claim them to be absolutely non-reactive to food. 
I am not a pro. But so far what I’ve studied, reveal that there is always a chance of a reaction. Then, what doesn't, right! So, it is important that you invest in well-known manufacturing brands because they take good and sensitive care during the making-process. We need to believe in somebody. And I think, rather than using Aluminum or Non-stick, Stainless-steel is a far… far better and one of the most convenient options.
P.S: Nowadays, many brands are bringing Nickel-free Stainless Steel Cookware which are more healthier option in general, and a better substitute for Nickel-allergic people. 

Brands to go for:
Some brands in the world make the finest Stainless-steel cookware, like Cuisinart, Calphalon, All-Clad, etc.
Sadly, in India, they are not easily available. And even though you can find it online, it is crazily expensive. If budget is not an issue, then obviously go for them.
The brand I trust and have been using for the past one and half years is Bergner.

Bergner Pots and Pans are made of:

a) Tri-ply Stainless Steel
b) The inner layer is made of 18/10 grade stainless steel, the middle layer is made of Aluminum, and the outer layer is made of 18/0 grade to make it induction compatible.
c) They are ideal to use on all sorts of cooktops- Halogen, Gas, Electric, Induction, and Vitrocemaric cooktops.
d) They are durable, scratch resistant, corrosion resistant, and produce even heat.
e) All the handles are made with cool touch technology. That means, they don’t get heated up easily while cooking.
And FYI, no food gets stuck in the bottom if you season the pan well with oil and proper heat.

Besides Bergner, nowadays, we also have brands like Vinod, Alda, Stahl, Meyer, and even Prestige, etc. who make good quality Stainless Steel Products. But personally, I have no experience of them.
Now, once you’ve invested your money and bought the necessary products, the job is not over. It is really essential to maintain them, so that they stay in your kitchen for years and be their best.

How to take care of the Cookware:
  • Always use a mild soap to clean the Cookware. If you can, then soak them in lukewarm water for some minutes after cooking and before washing them.
  • Never use abrasive brushes or scrub pads to clean them. If you want them to perform their best, you have to take gentle care of them.
  • Use a soft sponge to clean the Cookware. Right Cookware doesn't need the work of muscle to clean themselves. A few gentle swipes are good enough.
  • Do not use steel spatula for cooking food. Go for wooden spatulas.
  • Start cooking on low to medium heat to avoid food sticking at the bottom. As you become a pro, gradually you can start experimenting and adjust the temperature to your choice.
  • After cleaning the Cookware, wipe the water with a dry cloth and store them in a dry place.
  • After using any pots and pans for a long time, if you think the luster of the Cookware is gone or you see the hard-core stains of oil on the sides of the handles eventually, just make a paste of baking soda and water. Put them in the affected areas, keep it like that for half an hour. And then, clean them with a soft pad brush. Your Cookware will shine like new.

I am using all the cookware since the past 1 and half years now. I know, all these Cookware together seem pretty damn expensive for a tight budget. Obviously, you can adjust accordingly. But I can tell you infinity times that they are gonna serve you very well for a very long time. I wanted to invest in a good brand so that I can use them without any worries of leeching waste materials into my food or jeopardizing with my family’s well-being. So far, the cookware has been behaving amazingly.

Buying links from Amazon India:


Pic Credit: Amazon India

Pic Credit: Amazon India

Pic Credit: Amazon India

Pic Credit: Amazon India

They are also available on Bergner Website.

If you are using any Stainless-steel Cookware already, let me know about the brands you love. All the readers, including me, will be highly benefited by that.

Happy Living…

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