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We tropical habitats have a love-hate relationship with summer. Sometimes, we detest it, yet we can't survive without it. Winter has its own charm. But who wants to wear a hundred layers of clothes, socks, gloves, etc. etc. for months when we have some awesome flowy summer dresses lying new in the cupboard? Anyways, summer always comes with its own perks. And though it is fun to wear comfy shorts and colorful floral dresses, the heat, dust, and sweat make our lives hell.
As summer leaves its harsh effects on skin and hair so much, it is necessary to take care of it gently yet tactfully. All the seasons demand separate attention for skin and hair. It is essential to have grease free, fresh looking healthy locks this time of the year without using too much product.
To rescue as well as save our precious hair, recently Herbal Essences has entered the country with their new Bio:Renew ranges, in five different variants.

1. Bio:Renew Repair Argan Oil Of Morocco
2. Bio:Renew Hydrate Coconut Milk
3. Bio:Renew Clean White Strawberry & Sweet Mint
4. Bio:Renew Strength Whipped Cocoa Butter
5. Bio:Renew Lightweight Shine Cucumber and Green Tea

I decided to go for the Bio:Renew Clean White Strawberry & Sweet Mint range. And today, I am here to talk about it after 1 month of trying the product. Around 5 years back, I have reviewed another shampoo from 'Herbal Essences'. You can take a look here. 
Time has changed a lot since then, and so does my hair. Though the texture is same, I have noticed a few changes here and there over the years.

My hair:

I suffer from severe hair fall around the year. It is already fine, flat, and prone to breakage. Along with that, I have an extremely oily scalp. If I shampoo my hair in the morning, by the evening, the crown area will turn flat. The rest of the hair seems dry, and it takes around two more days to become full oily. But when the scalp gets oily that fast, it looks so dull and lifeless as you can understand.

My preferences to take care of my hair:

I like to take some extra TLC for my hair as it is fragile. For that, internal health is essential to maintain. A proper diet and a healthy lifestyle are always needed.
Externally, all I care is to use a shampoo that will be as natural as possible. My minimum requirement is no paraben, no sulfate, and no silicone. But every once in a while, I like to give a deep cleansing to my hair to get rid of all the dirt. So, I keep a sulfate-shampoo handy all the time.
Other than this, I try to do oil-massage once or twice a week. I have found an extraordinary hair oil about which I'll make a post soon. I am using that for the past three years, and I just love it.

About the shampoo:

When Herbal Essences came to India, like most of the girls, I too was super pumped up. My previous experience with the shampoo was not so good. So, I was a little reluctant at first. But then, I read about it and came to know about the new Bio: Renew range. And I decided to give it a try.
Among the 5 new shampoos, I have chosen Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Clean White Strawberry & Sweet Mint Shampoo and conditioner which claim to be free of :

  •         Parabens
  •         Colorants
  •         Silicone
  •         Gluten

Other available ranges are also free of the above things except that a few still have silicone in them. I don't like to give my hair an illusion of shine and smoothness for a regular basis, which exactly how silicone works (special events are different). That’s one reason, I’ve picked up this silicone-free variant of the shampoo.

My experience:

I have been using this shampoo since the last month. It is transparent in color and smells beautiful, just like a summery fruity drink. It lathers up well as it has sulfates in it. Before using the shampoo, I do oil-massage on my hair pretty extensively. And the shampoo does a good job cleaning up the gunk and leaves the hair soft, shiny, and manageable. I shampoo my hair thrice a week as I have an oily scalp. After using the conditioner, the hair becomes silky smooth. It doesn't weigh my hair down. I skip the conditioner on some of the days, and don't feel any dryness in the rest of my hair, which is really cool.

Now one issue I’ve noticed is that I feel my hair fall has increased a bit for some time. Now I know, it happens sometimes, when you use something new. It takes time to get used to it. As I was trying the shampoo for the first time, I had to use it on a regular basis which I don’t in general. I always prefer sulfate-free shampoo for regular use.
The problem is that I already have fine hair and I suffer from hair fall. In no way, I can take any chances to experiment too much. I have liked the shampoo otherwise, so I have decided to wait for another couple of washes. Till then, if it suits me, I will continue using this in the summers that too once in every 15 days. Otherwise, I’ll leave it for now.
However, I am not blaming the shampoo entirely right now because the season can be the culprit of all, or something else. I am not sure yet. As of now, I have to keep an eye.
But, at the end of the day, every product works differently on different people. This shampoo will undoubtedly help you a lot to get over the 'dirty, greasy' feeling of summer. Rest, you can decide once you give it a try.
I could just say I have a mixed reaction for this shampoo. But I wanted to discuss it further to know how others feel about it.

  •        Free of Parabens, Colorants, Silicone, Gluten
  •        Made from 90% naturally derived ingredients
  •        Bio:renew collections are a unique technology that blends antioxidants, aloe and            sea kelp to help purify lifeless hair
  •        It protects the colored hair from further damage
  •        The transparent texture of the shampoo is perfect for oily hair
  •        Smells awesome and fresh
  •        Perfect for summer
  •        Cleans up sweat, grease and gunk easily
  •        Lathers well
  •        Volumizes flat, fine hair
  •        Hair feels soft, smooth, and lustrous
  •        Comes under budget for a semi-natural shampoo and conditioner

  •     Contains sulfates, so I can’t use it on a regular basis
  •     Causing extra hair fall for me as of now (but that could be possible for other                    reasons too)

Shampoo: INR 600 for 400 ml.
Conditioner: INR 650 for 400 ml.

I am providing the buying links here. Just click on the names of the websites to take a look- Amazon, Nykaa

Though I am unsure about it till now, one thing I must mention is that the ingredients are still way better than most of the market available budget-friendly shampoos. It has got almost everything else to make it a perfect summer shampoo. So, you can give it a try once, and see for yourself whether it is suiting your hair or not. I hope Herbal Essences brings the sulfate free range as soon as possible in my country. I would love to try it for sure.

Updated Thought: I am loving this shampoo and conditioner now. I assumed it was causing me excess hair fall before but that turned out to be a thing of the season.

Happy Living…

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