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Today, I’m a bit jittery on whether to write this blog post or not. In this era of YouTube beauty videos, will this blog post get its due!
As my mind is oscillating between thoughts, I realize that though I am a fan of YouTube videos, but I still like to read a mind-staggering blog post every now and then. So, let's give it a go.
It is already summer in my country. What could be the better time than now to talk about few soothing gels. I think most of you have already heard about these products, but I’m sure this review will definitely help you settle on one of them.
So, from the house of The Face Shop, I have tried two gels. One is their Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel, and another is the Damayang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel. While one of them is not so good, the other one is quite fascinating for my skin. Both are colorless, transparent gels. Let’s see what they are offering.

For a start, I have extremely sensitive skin. It used to be oily in the previous years. Now, it is a combination with an oily T-zone. To me, the ingredients list matters the most. Here, for both the products, the brand has provided full ingredients list in the back side of the container, and that is really admiring.
I bought it a year back after hearing all the raving from the ‘beauty gurus’. I was in desperate need of a ‘natural’ sort of aloe gel even though I have tried so many ‘natural’ brands earlier.
For example:

a) ‘Wow’ (made my skin red)

b) ‘Bipha Ayurveda’ (haven’t found any difference, and expensive)

c) ‘Forest Essentials' (this was good but freaking expensive, you can read about the review which I wrote 4 years back. I've used so much of aloe that it got over in 15 days)

d) ‘Patanjali Soundarya Aloe Gel’ (this surprisingly has shocked me with its good results, except I don’t like its artificial green color and can’t find its full ingredients list anywhere which is shady)
But not any one of them fully satisfies every aspect. I know, I know it is almost impossible. But hey, is it wrong to dream, never right!
Alcohol comes in the third position in the ingredients list of this The Face Shop aloe gel. I understand it is very much needed to preserve the product. But it is so overpowering. As soon as I apply this gel, my face feels a strong sensation, and even some areas get a burning feeling. Apart from that, it is crazily sticky. Instead of giving some soothing relief, I desperately wait to wash it off of my face. As I don’t want to waste it, I have to use it somehow.
Also, for some reason I have got rid of the original container. So I am gonna include a picture of it from somewhere else.

Pic Credit: The Face Shop

Let's talk pros and cons.

  •        Full marks for a full ingredients list
  •        Doesn’t break me out
  •        Easily available online
  •        Being an imported product, it is still in the affordable range for many users
  •        Quantity is excellent
  •     Available in both tub and tube packaging 

  •        Super Sticky
  •        The little portion of alcohol is very overpowering for my skin
  •        Gives a burning sensation sometimes
  •        Doesn't provide soothing relief on my skin

Price: INR 450 (It is easily available online. I bought it from
I am not gonna repurchase this though I tried my best to love it.
Now, let’s talk about the gel which I really adore.

The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel
Now, this gel too has alcohol in it, but it really justifies the ‘soothing’ part. It is little runnier than normal aloe gel which is absolutely a ‘no bother’ for me. In the summer, after coming from the scorching heat, this calms down my skin, soothes it, and gives amazing freshness. I like to apply this as a mask and keep it for 1 hr. After washing my face, my skin looks glowing.

Pros & Cons time.


  •        Works amazingly on my sensitive combination skin
  •        Very soothing and gives a fresh feeling always (especially when used as chilled)
  •        Can be used as a serum under the regular moisturizer
  •        Non-sticky
  •        The alcohol here doesn’t bother my type of skin
  •        Can also be used as a face-mask, moisturizer
  •        Huge tub and lots of product
  •        All season friendly, especially summer

  •        As it comes only in tubs, hygiene-wise it is not up to the mark. But you can always take out some of it in a separate container and store the rest in the fridge.

Price: INR 450 (It is easily available online. I bought it from

This gel is 100% recommended. I am gonna repurchase this as soon as I run out of the current one. 😊
I am still in search of an excellent natural Aloe Vera gel. Let me know if you have tried anything interesting.

Happy Living…

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