Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer is here with a drum roll. We can feel the scorching heat in the air. We are enjoying every bit of it as we get to wear all those colorful summer dresses from our wardrobes. However, along with this, there are some new companions too- sweat, stickiness, oily skin & hair and whatnot. Gross… I know. Right now, we can jump on anything to get a nice volume in our flat, oily hair.
Today, I am discussing with you guys one serious issue that almost everybody suffers from during the summer. I am talking about oily scalp and hair. And those unfortunate ones who have fine, flat hair like mine, this time of the year makes it more miserable.
So, let’s see whether we can find any solution to this or not.

About the product:

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo

In the bottle it says:

100% Body/ Volume

Volumizing Shampoo with Citrus Essences

Why we love it:

With botanical silk. Shampoo cleans to reveal natural shine.

Turn up the volume

Take those stunning strands to higher ground by lathering up with this lightweight formula. Just as citrus is exhilarating, this formula gives your luscious locks body and bounce.

Height couture

Don’t worry, with body envy volumizing conditioner, you’ll get the volume you want without the towering beehive look.

YOU KNOW THE DRILL: Fill up on this light, body-infusing lather. Rinse and repeat for the full effect.


My experience:

I have used this shampoo 5 to 6 times now. And one thing I can say is that this definitely gives volume to my flat, limp hair. But hold your horses, guys. I know this sounds tempting, but overall I am not super happy with this product.
Now I know, by this time you are raising your eyebrows and saying, “Oh! Come on, this is giving you volume, right. What else is your complaint now?”

First of all, I want to say this is completely my own experience. This could vary from person to person. Though this shampoo has given me maximum volume, it is full of Sulfates. I have expected a little bit of roughness which is good for my oily hair. But as soon as I have rinsed the shampoo, I have felt like it has taken every last bit of oil from my hair. This may sound odd, but it is like that. 😢My hair feels like 'straws' after rinsing the shampoo. I have used conditioner to get rid of the ‘strawness’ (usually, I avoid Conditioner as it makes my hair oily). And after that, the rough texture has gone. But every time, whenever I've used this shampoo, I've felt like all the natural oils are washing away with this. 
One thing to mention is that this shampoo smells amazing, a fruity scent with a subtle hint of floral notes. During the Summer, that feels amazingly fresh. The shampoo is light yellow in color in an orangy bottle which looks tempting. But the weird texture of my hair after using this shampoo will keep me away from this in the future.

·       Smells amazing
·       Gives volume
·       Non expensive ( compared to other imported products available here)
·       Easily available
·       Lathers well

·       Full of sulfates (chemicals)
·       Hair feels like Straw immediately after rinsing.
·       Not suitable for daily use

240 INR for 300 ml.


I don't think I am buying this again. It is possible that after some more use, I am finding this Shampoo little useful. But so far, I am not very impressed.

Happy Living…

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  1. Awesome review and worth a read.

    I was thinking of trying this shampoo, but now it's a big no.

    Way to go girl.

    Keep Blogging!!!


    1. Hi Shraddha, thank you so much for your appreciation. You just made my day awesome. This comment will be special forever as this is my first one.
      Keep reading…
      Happy Living…


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