Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Today I am going to discuss about one of our age-old problems, 'Hair Fall'. I know you are thinking what new she’s gonna say. I am aware that many of you already know so many valuable facts. I am not trying to give any gyaan (knowledge) on how you can get rid of hair fall as it could happen due to many reasons, like various internal health issues or sometimes it could be just hereditary. What we can do about hair fall is to take care of it from our ends, be it massaging our scalp with beneficial oils, or using a good Shampoo & Conditioner, or even use a good Hair Brush.
Yes, Hair Brush plays a pivotal role in taking care of our hair and controlling the amount of hair fall. In today's post, I am gonna talk about one particular magical ‘Hair Brush’ which takes my breath away every time I use it.
Now you may be thinking what magic one ‘Hair Brush’ can do? Trust me guys, Hair Brush makes a big difference in controlling your hair fall. And this particular one does work magically. I am always on top of the ‘Hair Fall’ list. So, I am in search of something that really works for me all the time. So, let’s see what this ‘Hair Brush’ does.

About the Brush:
Tangle Teezer (The Original Detangling Brush)

In the Packaging It says:

The professional detangling hairbrush ideal for all types of hair. Can be used on wet and dry hair without any pulling or yanking.
Inventor of this Brush:
 Shaun P
He said on the Package:
‘I invented Tangle Teezer because tangles were not just a salon problem, but a global one. Coloring hair for 30 passionate years enable me to identify and invent a true solution.
Years of research and development led me to create a first never-seen-before detangling hairbrush.
A hairbrush that looked different, felt different, so naturally performed differently. Now you have no excuse for bad hair days. Go on, change your hairbrush, not your lifestyle.’

Made In Great Britain.

My Experience:
Everything mentioned above about the Hair Brush is absolutely true. Due to medicinal reaction, I have been suffering from severe hair fall for quite a sometime. Moreover, I have got fine and oily hair which is prone to breakage naturally.

So, you can understand that I am so desperate all the time and can do anything to make my hair feel better.

Tangle Teezer was not available in India before. But finally, the wait is over. You don’t need to wait on someone to get it for you from abroad. Now you can get the brush here only. It is available online in different shades and sometimes I see it in those local grocery stores who keep imported stuffs, you know. This brush also has a Salon version and a Mini one for keeping in your handbag (basically for outdoors). I got mine from hereI have been known about it since it came in the market (thanks to all YouTube beauty gurus). And obviously, I was desperately waiting to get my hands on it. 
I have started using this brush since the last four months. I can see a visible difference in case of hair fall which happens due to breakage. Trust me guys, it really works and works so perfectly. I am ecstatic that finally there is a hair brush which really works detangling the knotty hair. You can use it in both wet or dry hair as it says. I have a bad habit of brushing my hair when it is still wet (it’s not good, I know). But thanks to my Tangle Teezer, I don’t need to think about breakage any more. It makes the whole process so smooth and easy. The bristles are not at all harsh on the scalp. They are also made with a unique technique. Some of them are shorter in size and some of them are longer than that. The size of the brush is designed to fit in your palm perfectly; and I have a sneaky feeling that it massages the roots too. This naturally activates the blood circulation and promotes hair growth.
One sentence is enough to describe this:
It’s a life… excuse me... hair savior.😉

  • Detangles Hair without pulling it
  • Easy on your scalp
  • Glides easily through the Hair
  • Controls Hair Fall that happens due to breakage
  • Gives a little sheen to your Hair
  • Very handy to carry in your purse (there is a Mini Version too)
  • It's quite expensive for a hair brush (but I ignored it as I got it here after a long wait and it works wonders) 
1199 INR

5/5 (I couldn’t help it despite the price)

Go for it guys… it will make your life so easy and you’ll definitely be thankful to this brush.

Happy Living…

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