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Let's begin today's discussion with the quest for a healthy lifestyle. Recently, I am trying to implement some changes in my life to live in a more natural way. In our super hectic life, we have become kind of a parasite to all ready-to-eat foods, artificially processed things, and chemically made cosmetic products. We don’t really get to know or think about all the harmful side effects until they start affecting us, and eventually we move on with our life. In my teenage years, I have suffered from severe skin problems. That’s why I try my best not to use chemically covered Cosmetics & Skin Care products. But it’s really hard(impossible!) to get natural products now a days, especially when it comes to Skin Care. Everything is full of artificial preservatives and harmful chemicals. If you could see their real faces, you would get nightmares every time. 
Things are changing now...slowly. And gradually we can hope for more Naturally made products available to use for common people over the next few years.
Anyways... I came to know about the benefits of Olive oil which can be a life savior in many amazing ways. It is completely natural. And we already use it in our daily cooking. 
Today, I will not talk about the health benefits of Olive Oil (that’s for another day), we will talk about its usage as a Skin Care and Hair Care. You will be amazed how gracefully it can multitask.
In India, we have been using oil as a skin or hair care since the ancient days of Ayurveda. Most of us are used of getting all those hair oil 'champis' (massages) by our Moms since our childhood days😇.

So, let's see how this Olive Oil can help us in multiple ways.

About the product:

Figaro Olive Oil (a Spanish Product)

In the bottle it says:

Free from Argemone oil, contains Trans fatty acids, not more than 0% by weight.

What I think about this oil and Packaging:

For knowledge's sake, I want inform you that Argemone oil is extracted from Argemone seeds that look like mustard seeds. Research says this can create health disorders among children. So we should avoid consuming Argemone oil.
Our Figaro olive oil is ‘free’ from Argemone oil. I think it is written on the tin as this oil can be used in cooking too.

Packaging wise, it is not at all convenient. It comes in a rectangular tin pack with a screw on top of it which also needs some effort to open at first. You cannot use it directly from the container as the oil spills during the process. You need to transfer the oil to another easy to use container. If you can ignore this trouble, then you are good to go. I surely hope, the brand brings an easier option soon. 

The smell is not over powering and it goes away after some time of applying it on the skin.

The way I use Figaro Olive Oil:

 Skin Care:
 a) Use it as a body moisturizer on a damp skin after shower. It will give a natural glow and it also helps reducing stretch marks or lightens it (during pregnancy or in general).

 b) If you don’t like to put the oil directly on your body, then add few drops of it in your daily moisturizer and you will find a visible difference after some use.

 c) I use this olive oil to make homemade scrub too. What I do is that I take a small bowl, take one tablespoon of this olive oil and mix it with one and half teaspoon of brown sugar. Apply it on the face and body gently in a circular motion for 2 minutes and then rinse it with water. I use the same mixture as lip scrub too. This does wonders to my skin. Though I have a very oily and sensitive skin, it never breaks me out.

d) You can also use this olive oil a make up remover. Take a few drops of it on damp cotton pad and use it on your face. It helps removing tough eye and lip make up without tearing the skin apart as some of the artificial make up removers do. Afterwards you can wash your face with a facial cleanser for a squeaky clean feeling, but you will get a radiant skin.

e) Dry skin people can use it as a moisturizer on their faces too in the cold winter months. It also works as an eye cream and nourish the under eye area and softens the fine lines. It maintains the skin elasticity and rejuvenates the skin.

f) I also use it as my bath oil. Simply put few drops on your bathtub or bucket full of water and you are good to go.

g) It helps strengthening the nails too. Use it as a Cuticle oil or just  put few drops on lukewarm water, and soak your nails for 10 minutes. You will get strong, shiny nails and it will help you to get back the natural color that nail paints take away.

h) Another interesting way of using it is for Shaving your body. It works amazingly to shave my body hair and keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated. Your skin will glow as never before. It becomes soft and plump.

Hair Care:

a) This olive oil does a very good job as hair oil too. Sometimes I mix same amount of olive, coconut and castor oil and apply the concoction on my hair. Leave it for 3 to 4 hours and wash it with Shampoo. You can simply use the olive oil alone to massage your hair. This doubles as a hair mask too.

b) Olive oil also helps reducing split ends. Take one or two drops and apply it on the end of your hair and then style it.

c) This helps reducing dandruff too. Mix equal amount of Olive oil, Lemon Juice and Water. Leave it on your hair for 20 minutes and wash afterwards with shampoo & conditioner.

d) As olive oil is full of vitamin A, E, minerals and antioxidants, it helps to moisturize the hair, naturally conditions it, and seals the moisture into the hair and protects the keratin in it. Hair will be more manageable and you will never remember that you used to have frizzy hair.

Overall, I am truly amazed by this multi talented oil. I was a little skeptical at first but after all these usage, I must say it is amaaazing and this works for all types of Skin and Hair in their own ways.

Make Up Brush Cleanser:

Fortunately I am able to find out a Safe and effective way to clean my make up brushes. In a bowl, I take equal amount of this oil and Baby Shampoo, mix it and soak my make up bristles for some time. Afterwards, I clean it with normal water. It takes away all the gunk and leave the brushes soft and shiny.


5/5 (but the company should definitely improve the packaging)

Edited Version: Figaro Olive Oil is now available in a bottle. So, it is more convenient to use now.


209 INR for 200 ml.

Hope this works for you too. Give it a try; it will not let you down. I never stop myself from buying this again and again.

Happy Living…

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  1. Nice I am already using Figaro Olive oil from 2-3 years and its good. Thanks for sharing tricks for using olive oil. Can you right blog for which shampoo is best for use. Thanks In Advance!!!

    1. Thank you so much...
      Glad to hear about your experience using the Figaro oil.
      Surely I can help you with the Shampoo. But to suggest you the best one, I need to know the kind of Hair you have, or any hair problems you have.
      Let me know.
      BTW, I've written a post on Herbal Essences Shampoo. Do check it out to see if it works for you.

      Happy Living...


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